Queen Elisabeth of Romania about the Hereditary Couple (Revista Bibliotecii Academiei)

„Portretul perechii princiare moştenitoare Ferdinand şi Maria din viziunea Reginei Elisabeta a României în scrisori personale şi texte pentru publicul larg“
[The Hereditary Couple Ferdinand and Marie as seen by Queen Elisabeth of Romania in Her Personal Letters and Literary Works]

Article (in Romanian language) by Silvia Irina Zimmermann, published in Revista Bibliotecii Academiei Române, ISSN online: 2501-9457, ISSN-L: 2501-9457, Year 1, Nr. 2, 2016, p. 11-35.

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Several literary texts of Carmen Sylva (penname of the Queen consort of King Carol Ist of Romania) contain autobiographical aspects, but there are only a few diaries published by her, such as Pe Dunăre (Sailing the Danube River, 1905), where she writes about the members of the Romanian royal family. Whereas in the literary autobiographical works, Carmen Sylva draws a mostly positive image of the royal family, the personal correspondence of the Queen revals the whole range of intimate sentiments, hopes, dissapointments, and ressentiments of Elisabeth regarding her life and also the family relationships. In her letters to her princiary family in Neuwied and to her husband King Carol Ist she writes frankly, very often critically, sometimes caustically, about the family members, as well as her impressions about and criticism of the hereditary couple Ferdinand and Marie („Nando” and „Missy”).


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