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The Research Center Carmen Sylva of the Princely Archive of Wied in Neuwied is an initiative created to promote the interdisciplinary scientific activity about Elisabeth of Wied, the first queen of Romania and writer Carmen Sylva (1843-1916), aiming to encourage cultural and educational partnerships and to raise the public awareness about the life, works and activity of Queen Elisabeth of Romania – Carmen Sylva – in the intercultural context of her times. An interdisciplinary Scientific Advisory Board helps the Research Center Carmen Sylva in all important fields of its activity and offers support for communicating with a larger public.

The News-Blog of the Research Center Carmen Sylva is offering information about:

  • new publications, expositions, projects, symposia and lectures about Carmen Sylva
  • bibliographical references and reviews
  • news from the Research Center Carmen Sylva

Forschungsstelle Carmen Sylva – Fürstlich Wiedisches Archiv
Schloßstraße 1 ▪ D- 56564 Neuwied

Contact: Dr. Silvia Irina Zimmermann




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