New Biography: Carmen Sylva. Life and Works (2019)

carmensylva-biografie-zimmermannNew German biography about Carmen Sylva, writer and first queen of Romania (born Princess Elisabeth of Wied, 1843-1916)

Silvia Irina Zimmermann: „Die Feder in der Hand bin ich eine ganz andre Person.“ Carmen Sylva (1843-1916). Leben und Werk. Mit einem Vorwort von I.D. Isabelle Fürstin zu Wied. Schriftenreihe der Forschungsstelle Carmen Sylva/ Fürstlich Wiedisches Archiv, Band 8, Stuttgart: ibidem-Verlag, 2019, 434 Seiten, 370 Abbildungen (davon 25 farbig), ISBN: 978-3-8382-0815-2.

[Translation: Silvia Irina Zimmermann: “With the Pen in My Hand I am a Wholly Different Person.” Carmen Sylva (1843-1916). Life and Works. With a preface by HSH Princess Isabelle of Wied, Series of the Research Centre Carmen Sylva of the Princely Archive of Wied, volume 8, Stuttgart: ibidem-Verlag, 2019, 434 pages, 370 illustrations (25 in colour), ISBN: 978-3-8382-0815-2]

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Krüger (1930-2017) in Memoriam.

The book contains an image analysis of the first queen of Romania, Elisabeth of Wied (pen-name: Carmen Sylva) from selected published memoirs of contemporary personalities and from the numerous previous biographies, followed by a biography in images and newly discovered historical documents from archives in Germany and Romania. The new biography reveals previously unknown self-statements of Carmen Sylva about her life and works, and the most dramatic moments in her life (the death of her only child and the later childlessness, as well as her exile period and finally her return to Romania) from the correspondence of the queen with her family in Neuwied and with her husband, King Carol I of Romania (born Prince Karl of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen).

The rich amount of historical photographs about the life of Queen Elisabeth (Carmen Sylva) are originally from the Princely Archive of Wied (228, of which 9 in colour), while several images and passages from the literary works with autobiographical of Carmen Sylva come from the private collection of the author (142, of which 16 in colour).

“The book is Carmen Sylva: many-sided and complex – and with many facets.”
HSH Princess Isabelle of Wied (from the foreword to the book)

About the author:
Silvia Irina Zimmermann, born in Sibiu (Romania), studied German and English literature and history of arts at the University of Marburg and has a PhD in German literature with a dissertation about the literary works of Carmen Sylva. She published several books about Carmen Sylva’s life, works and private correspondence; she is the initiator and coordinator of the Research Centre Carmen Sylva of the Princely Archive of Wied and co-editor of the series of the Research Centre Carmen Sylva.


The new biography of Carmen Sylva will be available in the German bookstores and in online-bookshops by the end of February 2019. More details and possibility of pre-ordering on the website of the publishing house Ibidem:

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